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Chapter 8 Page 16
Posted February 2, 2024 at 9:00 am

Destroy them!!!!

Thank you for reading!


Panel One: Harper and Minnie stand together as Harper places their hand on Minnie's shoulder and smiles. Their Spirits hover above.

Panel Two: Close-up on Dawn as she looks out and grimaces, gritting her teeth. Ren and Ida stare out at her.

Panel Three: Ida smiles and looks to Dawn who is distraught.

IDA: Wow! That looked pretty cool, huh?

Panel Four: Dawn holds her head in her hands. Ren and Ida look to her with concern.

DAWN: Um... Uh, well...

IDA: Dawn...?

Panel Five: Dawn looks out, confrontational and angry.

DAWN: Those two... You should fight them. Beat them up.

Panel Six: Dawn stretches her hand out, pleading and posing dramatically.

DAWN: Use your swords and eliminate them! You're Conjurers, right?

DAWN: That's what you do! DESTROY THEM! 

Panel Seven: Ren and Ida stare at each other, unimpressed and concerned. Caliburn floats above excitedly.

CALIBURN: I like this girl!