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Teenage goth, Ren Ramirez' lonely life is upended when she is chosen to participate in a magical sword-fighting tournament called "the Competition." Now granted supernatural abilities, her former classmates have become her enemies in this dangerous battle royal game. With these new rivals also come new alliances and Ren's first chance at making friends as Ren meets the kindhearted and devoted Ida — but in a game where there is only one winner, can there be room to form a lasting relationship?

Conjuring Cutlasses is an action-packed fantasy romance webcomic about two girls navigating a mysterious sword-fighting competition hosted by Spirits from another realm. Along the way, Ren and Ida meet a wide variety of characters as they battle enemy Conjurers to advance through the Competition, uncover the mysteries hiding in Dromelot, and learn about themselves and the true meaning of being "chosen". 

Updates every Friday.

Created by:

The story concept of Conjuring Cutlasses was created by NicCitrus and MirantulaArt, two siblings with a passion for all things creative, magical and fun. The comic is written and draw by Nic, you can find their Twitter at @NicCitrus.