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Chapter 8 Page 19
Posted February 23, 2024 at 9:00 am

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Panel 1

Ren and Ida walk along either side of Dawn, comforting her. 

IDA: It’s alright, Dawn. We’re here!

Panel 2

The three approach Ida’s house.

DAWN: I’m feeling better.

DAWN: I just got worked up from all the Conjurer stuff…

Panel 3

The three walk up the porch steps, Ida motions towards Ren, expressing concern in her eyes.. 

Panel 4

Ren tries to comfort, holding her hands out and expressing uncomfortable concern. Caliburn rolls its eyes from above.

REN: Well…

REN: The Competition is a big change for everyone. It can be stressful.

Panel 4

Ida swings the door open as Ren comforts Dawn

Panel 5

Close-up on Dawn’s face.

DAWN: Yeah.

DAWN: Even for mortals…